Will this be #3?


Locked threads:
#1 http://boards.cindysbeentrippin.com/t/dont-really-understand-why-a-mod-would-lock-an-active-thread/23986/25

#2 Spoon moved another of my threads today


Neither of those is locked, nor has been locked.

I think we’re still at # zero for today.


Heck - he’s fucked with plenty of mine - even after my explaining that a thread, in my view, is a living thing which by nature may take all kinds of turns. One gets the impression that our little meltie fren, were you to call him to speak of the weather, would stop you and tell you to call back if you turned the conversation to what was had for breakfast.
The fact is he just had a major meltie and he’s covering.

My impression, Lotus, is that we - you and I, were having fun with titles (no one else’s business) and in fact it was Spoon himself who started the krap with Subject Titles. We were just making it fun and having a good time - and after all, isn’t that why we’re here?

Spoon is replying. This should be good.


Fuck off, Molly Bloom. And of course I mean that in the nicest possible way.


Pardon me - I hope I haven’t ruined your day with reality, snowflake.

If you must split something how about wood rather than threads. That at least would be useful work.
Have a nice day, BB.


He has hijacked thousands of threads. He only splits the thread when someone else goes off course.


HYPOCRISY! :angry:


Well, yeah, especially since he split your thread because of the title war. Some may recall that it was @Spoon who introduced that feature to the board, and he did it by changing the title of one of MY threads.

Like I said, what’s good for the goose is clearly not good for the gander in this scenario.


Hear hear. :clap: