Would Animal House have worked if released today?


Discuss amongst yourselves.


It would have been condemned ten different ways to Sunday if released today.

Alcoholism, drug use, sexism, hazing, and utter contempt for higher education?

Yeah, they would have pitched a fit if it were released today.

And that’s not even taking the horse into consideration!


I saw an article about how Tom Hanks’ “Big” would have had trouble today. I remember my g/f (now my wife) saying "you do realize that she just had sex with a 12- year-old boy, right? "


Oh yeah, I remember hearing comments like that at the time.


She didn’t and couldn’t know he was a boy. People get their panties tied in knots over everything. We need to differentiate between real grievances and chosen grievances. At least imo.

It’s time to keep calm and start living.


Plus now that Trump is President, we can’t time travel back to a happier time in our life anymore, as much as we might like to.


Yeah, but WE knew,