WoW! Just WoW!


When are Lotus, Big and Oak coming back?


Oak is on my board.
Duke is taking a break.
Lotus melted under the strain of her own hypocrisy so who knows.


You have a board?


Yeah. I started a board to pick up some folks from places that are becoming overrun by trolls or that have shut down. It’s very … chill (read quiet).




Tell Oak I said hi, I miss her :slight_smile:


Don’t stress over it, I didn’t want to be on your stoopit board anyway.


Yeah, and Starling, could you ask Oak if she is still fat and insane for me, please. Thanks in advance.


Oooh…I smell singed ass hairs in this thread.


…now that you’re here, so do we.


Some people don’t feel their ass hairs smoldering. I’m here to help point out the obvious.


You’re here as an example of smoldering ass hairs? Okay, thnx.




She’d just say “No” anyway. :laughing:


Tell Oak, Apeman remembers her fondly and hopes she is healthy and happy.


Just say you’ll do anything for an invite. Don’t be shy. :wink: