Ya gots to tighten them wing nuts Boro




Crash still undetermined, but let’s just remember it was by an airline with absolutely shitty maintenance records.

I doubt I’ll ever touch a 737 in my life.

Shame for the lives, though.


I guess u missed the BRAND NEW PART


Almost a year of service isnt brand new, sorry


Lion Air had the jet in service for just over two months.

Making up BS again you are


Two months could be a lotta hours. A lot could go wrong. Remember how car dealers used to have you bring the new car in after 500 miles for a change of oil and to look shit over?

A new UH-1E in Vietnam in 1966 woulda racked up maybe 250 hours in two months in my unit. That’s seven intermediate inspections and two periodic inspections.


That doesn’t mean the plane is two months old…


Lion Air flying with a malfunctioning air speed indicator.

Did you know, their maintance record is so bad they arent allowed to operate in the US?



Link to that bullshit


One of our esteemed erstwhile poster’s that has long since retired to r/l as far as I know, was married to a guy whose very job was Aircraft Maintenance in the USA, 10 years ago she was railing about offshore airline protocols, and how more and more airlines were shifting their maintenance to these offshore shade tree airline mechanic “bargains”


They were banned in the EU - now they are not cause they cleaned up their act

The EU has stricter rules then the US so no fucking way are they banned in the US


They were banned here, and no longer are.

Just read up.


dats wot i sed