Yeah, skilled "hunter" kills herbivore giraffe


Fuck this bitch.



She doesn’t look familiar, I’ve never seen herbivore.


I see what you did there. :wink:


Pretty stupid of her to post pictures like that in the times of PC warriors scouring every single page in the Internet looking for things to feel enraged with.
But the standing fact is that the giraffe was too old, unable to reproduce and was killing other giraffes that could be reproducing.
The money that dumb bitches like that one pay to kill and butch animals in Africa is what enables the parks to take care and protect the rest.
So, I guess you’ll have to sleep with that one.


What kind of cunt kills a giraffe?


No sense leaving mother nature sort things out - old and killing others - if it was older it would be taking fucking naps not fighting potential alphas

how in the fuck do you come up with shit like this?


Being a tool comes quite easy to some people.


Are the rumors that she had it’s tongue preserved true?


It’s right there on the article. Maybe you should read it.

Culling older animals is common in nature reserves.


Yeah, maybe you should read the article next time to avoid being one.


So you take the article as fact

I will write an article


I can explain the process,

Man/woman wants to be a lil cunty and kill a big herbivore
preserve says sure, we got an old one and a local village needs food
man pays hella money to go kill an old animal that isn’t doing any harm
village gets free meat, preserve gets money, cunty get justified in being called a cunt


I did read it, third worlder.


Then you probably didn’t understand it, fat cow

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I want to know what kind of giraffe kills another giraffe. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


STDS and soccer is about the only thing Brazilians are good at, 3rd worlder


Those are two separate things, gordota.

Apparently Brazilians are also good at making fat ladies on the Internet get so angry, they can’t count.

LOL I knew your “civility” was only skin deep.


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Am I wrong about out of control STD rates and soccer?

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