Yeah, skilled "hunter" kills herbivore giraffe


You’re so pissed off, LMAO.


LOL it wasn’t me who started resorting to childish name calling in first place.

Pissed off? You lack too much game for that. But I do enjoy kicking you in teeth, if that’s what you meant.


I’m sorry I hunted your feelings snowflake. I thought “tool” was rather circumspect for a man defending a trophy hunting cunt.


No point in trying to explain it to thick morons like you

Good thing those people in Africa are smarter than you are. They know that killing one old animal to save many more young ones is a good thing. You don’t.


What she does encourages illegal hunting and poaching, you massive ignoramus.


Please explain, where is the skill in killing a long-necked cow with a rifle?



There is none.


No you dumbass, it does the exact opposite. And you calling anyone “massive” is the stuff irony is made of.


Wrong, you moronic shitholer.