'You can't arrest me for a DUI, cuz Ima pretty white girl!'



She will enjoy watching her name be googed on every job interview for the next 40 years


Yeah this is going to be hard to forget about there are pages and pages of reposts etc in a google of her name, from almost every internet site most major and local news outlets. Maybe this will get her a speaking gig at the unite the whites rally in DC.


It worked for Brock Turner.


Being a Stanford student worked for Turner. He was and is a plain looking creep and rapist.


I’ve been thru Bluffton several times. It, and Beaufort, are where people live who have service jobs on Hilton Head Island, cuz they can’t afford to live on the island.

She might get up to a 0.18 breathalyzer if she meant to say “two schooners of wine.”


There is no time where I will ever not want to hang him.


Btw, this is overt white privilege exemplified.

Every creature serves a purpose to the universe. She has fulfilled hers.

I only wish she’d come along awhile back. But really, who am I to question the wisdom of the universe?


I’m in a discussion on another forum where the amazing media coverage of this story, rather than the story itself, is the topic. (I’ll add that the forum membership is quite racist and seriously contarded.) So they have a consensus building that US media is “pushing” stories about white privilege and is therefore more interested in advancing an ideology than in making a living.


I don’t know how you can hang out with a bunch of CONs, but to each his own. I had a discussion with someone that said that she was probably “brainwashed” in college by the LEFTist professors to believe that privilege was a real thing.

Lol, you can’t make this shit up.

As for “blaming the media” it’s the go to position for the right wing.


But her emails!