You know that guy that jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge


They say most suicide attempts are not serious or real, they’re cries of rage or for help.

I walked toward the traffic railing. As if nothing else mattered, I ran, channeling an Olympic hurdler, striding light, fast and determined.

I used my arms to catapult myself over the rail.

I did not get on the ledge to be talked down. I jumped quickly, without recourse, falling headfirst, fast and hard into the wind and empty space below me.

I reached back for the rail. It wasn’t there.

In the midst of my free fall, I said to myself these words, words I thought no one would ever hear me repeat: What have I done? I don’t want to die. God, please save me!

I FELL at a speed of 75 mph.

The end was imminent.

PS, STFU Crackdawg


Wow. You know, that is, in a way, a privileged position. To have honestly believed you wanted to die, tried to kill yourself, and survived gives you a perspective no one else really has.


Yes in a way it is, and he’s making good use of that privilege. He’s lucky he wasn’t using a gun, I don’t think an attempt by gun offers too many 2nd chances.


You know what a leading indicator of a successful suicide attempt is? A previous suicide attempt.

This is a lot like Obamacare, cheering about immediate effects without waiting to see the long term outcome.

And how is this a Darwin award?


Who’s cheering about the immediate effects of this guys suicide attempt, besides you I mean.


See the initial reply. Then the reply to that reply.

That’s two.

And again, how is this a Darwin Award?


If my putting this under Darwin Awards really really upsets your delicate sensibilities, you are welcome to change the category, I empower you to do so.


I’m more interested in your thought process.


Why are, you writing a book or sumpin?

Wanna make it a Love Story? BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!


I read this guys story a few years ago. Lucky not only to survive, but even luckier he didn’t end up totally physically fukked up for life like most other survivors.

Here’s a short and sad little YouTube of jumpers. The last guy went out with style.



seriously, Darwin award?


Is there an echo in here?


Really, ther are a couple of posters here who make it literally impossible to have a genuine conversation about anything.

People who have to make everything either a joke or an object of their ridicule are broken people who are afraid of anything related to having an actual feeling other than rage.


Apey is one. Who else did you have in mind?




Given your anal retentive nature, one would wonder why you weren’t leading the vanguard, if they didn’t understand the nature of your meltdown already.


It figures you two would be the first to protest. You two are the angriest, most incapable of empathy posters here. Yer a couple of scaredy cats.


Here’s a tissue.


Protesting what, link it.

Scared of what, exactly?


Eww, you’ve been carrying that one around in your cuff all afternoon!