You know that guy that jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge


Well, that’s not really fair to yourselves. I can only assume people were doing the best that could considering he was kind of rambunctious and a drinker.


I we all knew that, it’s just the shock of it all makes everyone process their finals times with the guy and all.


There was a Gay Guy that I went to school with in CT who moved to San Francisco who jumped off the bridge. I do not know what his motive was. It was not something that I expected to hear about.


My cousin Johnny off’d himself about 20 years ago. As is often the case with dudes, it was related to relationship BS. He had been in a shaky marriage for a few years and his wife had been threatening to leave him for some time. So one night while he was up at the bowling alley bowling in his league, her brother came by their house where they lived with Johnny’s Dad and started moving her out. They waited until he was gone because Johnny was a total hot head and she wanted avoid a scene. Well… Johnny’s Dad called him at the bowling alley and informed him that his wife was moving out. Johnny rushed home and of course started going bezerk in his usual fashion. She refused to back down though and kept packing. So Johnny went into their bedroom, retrieved a .44 and returned. He then put the gun to his head, said “You don’t have to leave, I will” and then POW… blew his fukking brains out right there in front of everyone. This was clearly a case of rage suicide. I don’t think Johnny was particularly depressed or anything like that. My Uncle John fukked up that night calling him at the bowling alley. He should have just let her move and he knew it. That action pretty much led to him going downhill from grief himself and dying about a year later.