40 Ways to Fight Fascists: Street-Legal Tactics for Community Activists

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1. Learn about Far Right movements

Get started by learning about the Far Right. Like all political movements, it is composed of individuals and groups who organize around specific issues, spread talking points, form organizations and political networks, fundraise, recruit new members, and try to influence the larger society.

From the outside, the Far Right may seem like a single movement without internal divisions, but its members often disagree with each other and have trouble finding common ground. While they are all part of one large movement, knowing how they differ is important in deciding how to organize against them.

Information on Far Right politics is readily available, and the end of this guide includes further readings. Be sure to look at the propaganda they produce, including articles, books, videos, and social media. This will help you get a feel for how they talk, look, and think.

Because they know their ideas are seen as hateful, the Far Right often uses symbols, phrases, and slang to express bigoted ideas without saying what they really mean— a tactic known as using “code-words” or “dog-whistles.” Learn their language.

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2. Find collaborators

While there are national organizations that look at Far Right organizing, they can’t track everything that’s going on in each community. That’s where you come in!

This kind of activism is a lot of work, and it’s best done with like-minded people. Forming affinity groups, organizations, and coalitions will help you get more done. And since there is more than enough work to go around, you will need to coordinate and specialize.

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3. Keep an eye on the local Far Right

Once you’ve identified your local Far Right groups, you’ll want to keep track of what they’re up to. Gathering evidence is crucial: document their organizations, projects, social media, websites, print publications, meetings, and events. Be sure to take good notes and screenshot everything, because you never know what will end up being useful later on. The Far Right tends to organize under the radar, so this will require a good bit of sleuthing.

Start with publicly available information, like online forums, websites, and social media accounts. Next, create fake social media accounts, known as “sock puppets,” for infiltration. Your sock puppet may need to interact with fascists to gain admission to closed groups. But don’t say or do anything that could be used to identify you or cause you to lose access.

Collect information like names, pictures, home addresses, jobs, social media accounts, criminal records, organizational affiliations, and political events they have attended. Monitor their presence at rallies and, when possible, identify those who show up. (See #29 for more on this.)

But, in your day-to-day life, keep a low profile and don’t make it known that you are doing this work—even if you eventually plan to go public. (This is true even if you are already publicly known as a progressive activist; don’t reveal your new line of work unless necessary.) Anonymity will enhance your ability to collect information and help protect your safety.

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4. Release your research

Although White Nationalists are significantly more mainstream than they were just a few years ago—Trump famously declared them “very fine people”—outing fascists still has a direct impact on their lives.

There are a few different ways you can do this. Sometimes it only takes a few strategically placed flyers or a brief phone campaign to cost a fascist their job. Some groups that track the Far Right maintain blogs where they release information, either as it’s collected or after events. Other groups release annual reports of Far Right activity in their area.

Alternately, you can keep your work quiet and release the information directly to local journalists. This keeps your own presence under the radar, and articles in mainstream publications usually have greater impact than information released directly by activists.

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5. Remove and replace Far Right propaganda
Don’t let the Far Right have any ground! They often put up flyers and stickers on or near college campuses, residential neighborhoods, religious congregations, and music venues. Always be on the lookout for Far Right propaganda, and immediately remove it—ideally replacing it with your own messaging. This lets the Far Right know the community won’t look the other way, while communicating to targeted groups that allies have their back.

Even in areas where the Far Right has a lot of support, make sure you keep a presence there; remember that no community is politically monolithic. Whenever possible, aid efforts to push back against fascism that originate from inside those communities.

For example, before a fascist rally, flyer those who live and work nearby about the upcoming event. You can also use this as an opportunity to go door-to-door to talk with people. Be as kind, courteous, and genuine as possible.

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6. Push public groups to oppose fascism

Identify the institutions, community groups, and professional organizations that the Far Right is targeting for recruitment. Push these groups to speak out against fascism generally, and local groups specifically.

Example: In 2018 the Sioux Falls AFL-CIO union amended their constitution to explicitly exclude fascists. It read: “No individual shall be eligible to serve as an Officer, member of The Executive Board or Committee, or other governing body, or any committee of, or as a delegate from, or as a representative, agent, or employee of this body who is a member of any Fascist or White Supremacist organization. Or who consistently pursues policies and/or activities directed toward the purposes of any Fascist or otherwise White Supremacist Ideology.”

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Identify your attack points by watching early Hong Kong Bruce Lee films, dress up in yellow spandex with a black stripe down your bodily extremities that line up when you stand to attention, learn to use nunchucks without slapping yourself in the face with a matt black mahogany fist of fury - and master the art of beckoning your opponent with an extended flap of your lead hand to beckon combat.

Utilise this when confronted by flower wielding rossers dressed in full black anti-riot gear.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are challenged by local Michigan based militias armed to the teeth with AR-15’s and low slung leg holstered side arms, find the nearest cover and throw insults and barbed comments at your opponents.

And remember, alt-right white supremacy is easily defeated by tone of voice. Save your best deep throated insults until the very last moment, and ensure that your will has been notarised, and that your torso is in the upright position as the bullets tear through it.

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We “notarize” things on this side of the pond.

If only you did Wabbit, if only you did.



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Maybe not street legal but never pass up a chance to punch a nazi.