Added a banner ad

To NordVPN, you should only see it once if you x it out, but it remembers that you x’d it out via cookie so if you clear your cookies you’ll see it and have to x it out again…

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I really appreciate the ability to close it out. Nice feature.

Built in, kind of weird way to add a banner though, you create a topic, then you pin it as a banner, I also then hid the topic.

I’m not expecting you guys to sign up or anything, it’s for the first time visitors.

Are there any lurkers around this site? Just curious.

The site gets a fair amount of search traffic. to various old poasts.

Cool, but why don’t they stick around I wonder?

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most people are just browsing around the web I think. I end up on all kinds of forums looking for various info about guitars etc. I don’t register on any of them.

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2 words snow and flakes.