Addressing the lack of a thread for amusing GIFs, & short vids

Pretty much what it looks like… a VR program aid

Looked like a whole lot of crazy to me.

Don’t know what VR is, either.

virtual reality. Check the goggles he’s wearing, he’s seeing something in the program and the object he is holding most likely has input to the program, like a game controller might.

This is what it looked like to me: A guy having sex with a blowup doll with no head, and a bunch of guys walking around like it’s an everyday thing.

You’re new to the board, aren’t you?

That’s beyond PATHETIC…just sayin’

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Not so much funny as awe inspiring

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Lol, what’s going on, is that guy getting body slammed into the glass?

Not sure, just love it because it’s just so unexpected. Speaking of love…

Oh Reese, oh that’s it, ok go faster…

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He’s probably lucky he didn’t get stabbed in the throat with a spear.