Addressing the lack of a thread for amusing GIFs

Meltdown confirmed


Thank Heaven, for little girls.

I’d hit it.

Captain Obvious

I do about 20 of these every morning, just to vent off some of that adrenal energy, and calm myself for the day.

This was labeled as a Drone Video. On yer imgurs.

Jumpin jimminy cricket, this will change combat a tad, once they weaponize this shit, if they haven’t already.

Yuo are riding on a train, unarmed and someone threatens with a knife wyd?

Head karate’ chop!

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That’s gross.

We failed to meet the Target.

But effective.


They can do that but can’t get under a trestle?

Go big, or go home.

Poast of the year.


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Just a couple Russian Bears having a little one on one.

(Hmm, maybe this should be in the Darwin files?)