AI Art

/imagine donald trump by Hieronymus Bosch painting, 4k, HD, wallpaper

I’ll just leave this here… lol

/imagine donald trump as a crooked used car salesman on a car lot.

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/imagine donald trump in hell by hieronymus bosch, stylize 800

/imagine trump as a drunk homeless person living in a tent in portland drinking alcohol

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More Donald Trump in Hell by Hieronymus Bosch

DMT Trip Homer

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so this isn’t like clip art, it actually generates original artwork based upon what you tell it to, this shit is crazy.

I generated this one with a prompt written by ChatGPT

As you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you feel your consciousness start to slip away. You’re not sure where you are or what’s happening, but you know that you’re in for a wild ride. Colors swirl and dance in front of your eyes, merging and blending together in a way that defies explanation. Strange shapes and patterns emerge, shifting and changing with every passing moment. You feel yourself being pulled deeper and deeper into this otherworldly landscape, as if you’re falling into an endless vortex of pure, unbridled creativity. It’s a dizzying, disorienting experience, but you can’t look away, mesmerized by the mind-bending visuals that seem to be unfolding before you. You’re not sure how long this journey will last, but for now, you’re happy to just let go and let the DMT take you wherever it will.

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/imagine Aleister Crowley as a catholic priest

/imagine homer simpson, bart simpson, Apu, Mr Burns all having a wild and crazy LSD party, trippy, psychedelic, artwork by Robert Crumb --ar 3:2