Alright, so I failed on the upgrade

I made a database backup today before I started, but I had to restore the server from 4 days ago to get it working again…

So there might be some images in posts missing from the last few days if the images were uploaded to the server…

posts made this afternoon probably got lost in the shuffle.

These things happen

We’ll be okay! :kissing:

There’s a big list of magic tricks that I have to perform in command line linux to upgrade the software, but for some reason I can’t connect to the server via Putty as I normally would so I was working in a console on the hosting website doing the command line shit and I can’t even copy and paste in it. So I can’t even copy the list of magic tricks I need to perform.

I think I might have setup the server to only communicate remotely via SSH with my IP address and my IP address changed on me, now I’m locked out, so I need to go in via the console on the website, fix that, then I’ll be able to perform all of the magic tricks to upgrade this fucker…

So much for those “One Click Upgrades.”

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Fukk, I haven’t used Putty in 3 or 4 years. I would be lost just trying to figure out the syntax.

so what do you use for SSH?


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Thanks, I’ll have to check it out, I’m guessing it’s probably better than Putty aye?

For sure more user friendly.

I always figured there was something better but I’m used to Putty.

I had a nostalgic Putty moment as well. I agree that OpenSSH is much better.

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I got kind of proficient with it when I decided I was going to become a UX security guru about 5 years ago. After seeing how saturated the market was with young Linux and Unix geeks I said fukk it and decided to stick with the old man’s game protecting mainframes.