America, the world is watching you

It’s his safe word with me.

I won’t be going back to SG’z, I have re-registered at FT so I can slap Sum C"""(Twatty Von Uberoink), about a bit. I like slapping him about. He completes me.

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Oh my God, he came here for a few posts. He just drones on and on. I try reading his posts, but my eyes start glazing over.

I’ve never seen someone as verbose that doesn’t say anything.

He has made a career out of that very thing, and is admin there, as I am sure you are aware.

He banned my account 4 years ago when I beat him in a call-out. His memory of that event seems vague at best.

I likes SC, he reminds me of Freud, with less teeth.

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Well, I hope you have fun there. As long as you grace us with your company once in a while.

I really don’t know the people over at FT or BF, so on and so forth.

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They know you…and it’s all good. Come and play a while, bring Flea as your +1.

Oh really?

I think we Latinas are definitely something some don’t know how to figure out.

When I say you are well thought of, I mean it. From all quarters.

Including mine.

That’s nice to hear. Mostly what I got at SG was pretty negative. I stayed too long and that was on me.

I like most everyone actually. A few rotten apples here and there, but no forum is perfect.

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I agree, hate is so easy when you can try to find the best in someone. Simply empathy goes a long way.

I think our politics now are for the first time, in a long time being confronted by what we allow ourselves to accept, and what we choose to concede.

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Yeah! Oh, and fuck you if you eat your eggs from the wrong end, by the way.


CW will ban me onsite. She’s mean like that

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What end are they putting their eggs in? :grimacing:

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I’ve heard the name, don’t know who that is though. She doesn’t like you?

KM has invited you to his new forum as a mod, but I am sure you knew that. CW is a great poster, when she turns up…one of the best. It’s been 4 years right enough since I last had the opportunity to fully appreciate her work from my sedentary position.

She reminds me of you Oak.

I think she might have a soft spot for me but the other one will make her ban me. She posted the pic of Evil Blood when I asked lol

I can only go with what I have read today, no-one has said you are not welcome.

I’m not welcome, but I will use that to my advantage.

I’ve seen enough of you at SG to think we two will find things on which disagreement is possible, even likely. I think we have a bit more consensus here than is truly good for us, but sometimes the knitting circle thing is okay too.

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