And so it begins

The Trump Media and Technology Group hasn’t done much yet. Investors still seem to think it’s worth about four times as much as everything else Donald Trump owns.

Ooooh and remember Devin Nunes, the “cow baron” congressman from NV who wasn’t worth the dems’ time to impeach and run outta town?

Word is, he’s resigning from congress and will be the CEO.

Media AND Technology, so Trump is like Taiwan Semiconductor and Hauwei all in one, shazaam!

Yeah, but Nunes’s wanting a seat at the table notwithstanding, Trump is still the GRIFTER IN CHIEF… and let’s not anybody forget it.


I wonder what Russian Oligarch/Party Official is supplying the secret investment?

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I’ll bet anyone that it will be a huge failure.

I will NOT bet against that.

Sounds like it’s bound for MAGA Glory!

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A lot of nail biting on this thread. :grin:

I am looking forward to a dearth of Trumptards on MSM once they gather together in the Grotto Of Echo.

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