Anti dual plugin

Discourse Fingerprint comes as a tool to community managers in their combat with internet trolls. :troll: It works by computing a unique identifier (a fingerprint) of each registered user, by taking into consideration over 20 browser characteristics such as user agent, screen resolution, timezone, device memory, etc.

When each of these browser characteristics are considered separately, they are not enough to assess whether two users are the same. There is a relatively small number of user agents, screen resolutions, etc. However when you take into all of these 20 factors, there is a very small chance that two users will have same key.

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So, what you’re saying is that there is now a way of keeping douchebags away?

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Not quite, only a way of flagging potential douchebags.

Unless they are using the latest Firefox browser, a Mac or an iPhone… :neutral_face:

I found the whole thread interesting, sort of.

Also I found THIS plugin interesting.

Will I still be able to loiter unseen, as an internet has-been?


Perhaps not unseen, but probably unremarked and unbothered.


I was looking at CBT on my phone earlier and it asked if I wanted to watch the site on the Discourse app.

I saw this earlier so I thought I would check it, might leave it on a few days then turn it back off…

Well you got me to click. It looks pretty much like the browser version.

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