Any a youse, ever had a gas oven?

Do they always make noises? Like a little whoosh of air now and then, like the burner reigniting or something? And do you stick to standard cooking times, or is maybe my thermostat off a bit, cus it seems like cook times are longer that the electrics I have been used to.

By “always” do you mean even when you are not cooking? When I am cooking it whooshes on and off because of the usual thermostat hysteresis bla bla. And I guess cooktimes are a bit long, I never thought about it because I’ve had gas oven forever and it always takes longer to bake chicken than the recipe says for me, and I guess I’ve never thought about it.

Long story short (too late for that), is, “I dunno”

No just when cooking something do I get the noises, it sounds like normal fire flame noses like when a log splits and you get that little whoosh of air or gas escaping kind of like that, probably some of yer thermostatic hysteresis, so I wasn’t too concerned, and having just recently made the switch, gas does seem slower, do you stick to recipe temps or dial it up some?

I stick to temps, but then I am not particularly adventurous or expertly in my cooking. I just suck at it less than my wife does.


Me too pretty much, I rarely get too adventurous. I like simple things like wrapping a rack of pork ribs in foil and letting them roast low and slow.

I’ve had both kinds, and the common weakness is inaccurate thermostats. Buy an oven thermometer and keep it in there until you figure out what temp you have to set the dial at in order to get 350 degrees in the oven.

Then you can either try to interpolate for other temps or actually make a chart and post it on the wall.

I recently ‘upgraded’ my electric stove. It has the shiny glass top which looks like it would be a snap to clean. The problem is that each burner operates in a pulsing manner and that sucks. Try cooking on low and it will actually cook on high for 20 seconds or so, long enough to scorch. The old electric with the exposed elements used to provide even, steady heat.

The oven works great!

I wish that I had a gas unit. I never had one. Of course, at my age I would probably burn the house down trying to figure out how to use it.

The high dollar people use gas burners with an electric oven, because the electric oven is more even and the gas burners are more responsive and nuanced. I’ve always wanted this, but it costs too much.

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All ya need is visegrips and a propane torch - and a spoon and a can opener

ask my wife - she seen it