Apey may find this interesting

The Pac12 sent FOUR teams into the big dance, and all four made the sweet 16, including both O and OState.

OState even booked its entry into the elite 8, beating giant killer Loyola Chicago, who took out a 1-seed in the prior round.

Sadly, O and USC meet in their quest for the elite 8, so the Pac will lose one, if not two as UCLA meets #2 'bama.

And to think OState was a longshot to even make the tourney… they’ve won all 3 games so far against better seeds and by double digits each time.

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My younger brother is a professor at OSU: he’s more pumped about this tournament than I’ve seen him about anything athletic in decades.

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The Mighty Ducks will soar over the Condoms!


I went to a D3 school that played a lot of bigger schools in all sports, and whose cheerleaders specialized in coining snaky names for the opposition which would be introduced during the actual games.

So, plussie for this.

And how about the Beavers and the Cougars?

Sounds like a lesbian porno.

So the 'Zags whomped USC, as expected, but UCLA took out #1 Michigan so the Pac12 are still alive (up next for UCLA: Gonzaga, so that should end it there)

Apey, did you see the UCLA/Zags game? WHOOOOOOOOO doggie!

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Zags are looking hot right now but so is that other team should be a good final.