AR 15 is now a "Swiss Army Knife"

Federal judge Roger Benitez of San Diego overturns California’s ban on assault weapons

Party on, @Borommakot.

An AR15 is just a tool, for those occasions when you absolutely positively are called on by god, to kill as many as possible.

Ah yes, another racist law struck down.

Power to The People.


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You didn’t know assault weapon bans in California were a result of black culture arming themselves and displaying their arms just as much as white people did? You didn’t know one of the biggest pushers for gun control was the KKK?

In all fairness, I expect there are a shit ton of white people who DON’T know that.

I’d like to see the history on that. My take is, the fewer assault weapons are out there, the fewer black people will be killed for carrying assault weapons while black. So it ain’t the law that is racist, especially if it prevents white folk from owning them also.

That’s a big “if” since as we have seen over the last year or two white people like Rittenhouse can carry assault rifles anywhere they want to, and even kill people with them, and the cops will offer them water and a blow job.

We’re kinda saying the same thing here.

Still waiting on his trial.

Do you believe judges and dudes who write these unconstitutional bills be held liable ot reprimanded in some way?

Isn’t that up to the judicial system, and internal processes of the bodies that do the writing?

(irony alert)

One would think if you’re trying to pass unconstitutional bullshit, you shouldn’t be allowed to anymore

I’m not such a one. Starting right after Roe v. Wade, the Illinois house passed a new law each fucking year that plainly intended to make abortion unavailable for lots of its constituents, especially young ones, and was plainly unconstitutional. Every fucking year, and over the governor’s veto in many instances. That shit went on for maybe fifteen or twenty years, all cynically wrapped in “family values” or some shit like that, but actually to throw some red meat to the impossibly unsophisticated and semi literate farmers that elected that majority. It didn’t end until the voters finally got tired of the state’s costs in hosting the inevitable yearly class action lawsuits and test cases, that would uniformly throw out the new law. Voters tossed a few of the bums out, and the bullshit went away.

It made me painfully aware that Jefferson particularly, but also many other founders, only supported the idea of a certain class of voters who were educated and theoretically had IQs of room temperature or better. That is now considered Elitist and Undemocratic, and we see the result.