Aria Pro II Fullerton Strat

Not sure when he owned it, The way the ad reads etc, I think he just owned it at some time in the past, and the current owner flipper is just trying to bank on his name.

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There’s that provenance thing again.

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I need to sell off some of these others and get me one of these… I want one of these older ones with the 3 bolt neck.

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Good luck Billdo! A lot of old geezers are getting a second chance at a singing career these days.:grin:

Um, that song was almost 30 years ago.

“these days” SMH

That group is timeless.:smile:

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Two of 'em are dead. A third got hisself a no-bell prize.

Might have to snag this one if it doesn’t get bids. I’ve been playing my black one a little, it kicks ass on clean sound, distortion not so much. For clean though the pickups seem almost as good as my fender us telecaster and way better than any of the other electric guitars I have, and the necks on them are players… maple capped fretboard, no skunk stripe.

I got a Chinese strat pickguard today too that I think would fit no problem other than drilling a few new holes but at least half the holes all the way around look like they line up.

It was prolly pretty cheap when he owned it.

Niiice. :grinning:

I like these guitars for a cheap guitar… hope I get this other one even cheaper. :slight_smile:

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I figured this out, most of this room has a lot of electrical noise going on once you add a little gain… I think what you were hearing is the noise starting to overpower the note which turns into that slightly sharp B flat electrical warble along with the note… standing in certain spots I’ve noticed gets rid of most of it while others are awful.

Other than the noise issues the pickups on this guitar sound really good to me, I might try to shield it sometime.

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Billdo, I cross posted this on one of my facebook pages that I am trying to build up a little:

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