Bass Players I Wanna Boink

Bass Player may not be the first item on her c.v.

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Good work, I tried a couple of ways to ID her with no luck

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Oh it was nothing, just a simple matter of sorting out the zillions of pathways that were tied into the above gif. and so on, and a couple comments later someone posted her instagram acct. link which helped me zero in on her.

Now it seems to be unavailable from the above link.

It says “Login - Instagram” for me, and i don’t have an account, but if i click on it i see her content.


My comment was related to the mp4 I posted above, it doesn’t play for me.

Ah, that “it”. It don’t play for me no more neither.

Seems like I should mention that it was Carol Kaye’s birthday Wednesday and she’s still alive, 86 years of being one of the best and most famous session players of all time.


When I first became aware of her in the sixties, I opined then that she wasn’t too old for me. I’ve always honored that commitment, and if she shows up today wanting some boinkage I will surely oblige her.

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I need to look up Carol and compare her record stats to Jamerson’s

We interrupt the thread for another teenage guitar player.

Girls with Ukeleles and background singing parrots I’d boink to the beat.

Well, I bet she could do it with a Bass too.

eta & ps, rumour has it, she has seen Paris Jackson nekkid.

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Multiverse talented.


Looks like a Schecter, sounds like one too. Not a P bass for sure, but the body style does more for a B cup boob than yer Fender can do.


That doesn’t look like Paul Simonon AT ALL.

…thank the gods.

…ETA I peeked at Lucy’s channel and evidently she’s actually right handed except in this video.

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I noticed that too, probably some screw up in the production chain

with this example think of to boink in the platonic sense

Jack Records with a 30W 2x8 1x5 Aquilar