Before you all

Prove that they want to make poor people poorer.

Put a fork in him, he’s done.

Um… more taxes? Fuel taxes? Land taxes?

Who the fuck is hurt by these taxes?

PuT a FoRk iN hIm, He’S dOnE.



Pretty sure Buttigieg is the type of guy to joke about it.

Just like I can joke with my homosexual friends for being homosexual, they joke to me about being straight. Something about preferring gooey beef curtains. His words. :wink:

I wouldn’t call my friends anti-straight.

So you have a different standard for yourself than for Duke.

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Yep, I called him on that exact thing last night.

He owes Duke an apology. Or to STFU at the very least about this issue.



Apples and oranges. I don’t say racist comments at all. Or homophobic comments.

RacistDuke is Google famous, giving CBT as a whole a bad name. He’s refused to stop saying the word, and Oak thinks it’s okay. :joy:

It’s as okay as you using the term “butt pegger”. You’re in the same boat.

Shall we put this to a board vote?

Why would I apologize to Duke for him being racist? You’re an absolute fucking smooth brain if you think that’s how the world works. Go fuck yourself if you believe a non-racist should apologize to a racist for him being racist.

Duke needs to apologize to the board for being racist. End of story.

Is using the word N word racist?

Absolutely fucking fact it is.

No, that “butt pegger” is homophobic.

You don’t think calling people the n word is racist?

What the actual fuck is wrong with you

I think it’s a racist term, I don’t think Duke is anymore “racist” as your are “homophobic”.

I believe duke is racist. He’s an old white man who grew up in the era of jim crow laws. I’m sure he means it, but hides it as a jest.

In the contrast, buttpegger isn’t a homosexual term. Men can be pegged by men or women. There’s nothing homosexual about butt play.


You forgot to mention women on women or men on women. Equality!

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In January of '19 you said this,

Why do you support Racist6?