'Better Call Saul' actor lied about being a veteran after cutting off his own arm


“I severed my own hand with a Skilsaw,” LaTourrette told the local news station. The actor, who said he has been diagnosed as bipolar, declared that the self-inflicted injury occurred 17 years ago when “the state of my mind was a psychotic episode.” During this period when he wasn’t taking his prescribed medications, LaTourrette planned for days before cutting off his lower arm and then cauterizing the wound. He later created a prosthetic to “look normal.” And eventually he started telling the war-injury story to get acting work.


He was off his meds when he cut off his arm. Hmmm


Quoted in this story…“LaTourrette has worked as a stage performer and played minor roles in a “handful” of TV shows and films, including Longmire and The Men Who Stare at Goat”…Ya gotta love the media lol


The Men Who Stare at Goatse?

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Fucking hysterical movie

Hysterical yes, but one needs at least two hits to appreciate it.

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It does have it’s weak moments -