Boeing 737 Max resumes flying, almost 2 years after worldwide grounding

Good news for @Borommakot, I expect.

tbh, I don’t know anyone who has died in a 737 Max Crash, so…

Common car crashes are far deadlier, so.

Boeing obvious has had to hurdle it’s own problems, but there is something about rookie pilots flying together which caused the two crashes, both low hour captains and co pilots. Hopefully these third world countries use this as an opportunity to better their flight training… as one can remember, everyone was flying the plane and stricter 1st world countries never had them fell out of the sky. That isn’t of course to say the planes weren’t flawed,

Regardless… yes, this ultimately is job security for me.

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More user error

26 year old plane maintained by a company that was previously banned from operation in the FAA sanctioned world… lmao

Also, -500 isn’t a Max. NG, I believe.

What is the 737 Max suffix, is it 800? My google doesn’t wana fuck wit it.

The suffix has MAX in it. MAX 7, 8, 9, 10 and a 200 threw in there because who knows why.

Most of the NextGens flying are -800, -900 which refers to the length, -900 being longer.

The MAX first flight was in 2016 and they made them alongside NextGens (NG) until just after they were grounded. The NG is no longer on production, with the exclusion of the P8 military airplane which is based on the NG chassis.

Also, just looked it up and NG started at the -600 meaning the -500 is a “Classic”,

Gen 1 = 737
Gen 2 = 737 Classic
Gen 3 = 737 Next Gen
Gen 4 = 737 Max



Eyewitness accounts have the plane exploding in midair and coming down in pieces. Smells like foul play to me.

For sure.

That doesn’t just happen.

Maybe they ate a bird: fowl play.

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Shirley, something can be done!

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I’ll keep my fingers crossed for them