Bought tires today

While I was waiting for the install, dude drove up in a '62 Big Healey open roadster. More specifically, an Austin-Healey 3000 Mk II, BN7, the 2 seater without the silly kid seats. I’d call it a very strong #3 or maybe a weak #2 car. Wonderful specimen, he’s had it for forty years and it’s a DRIVER, not a trailer queen.

He was looking to get a front end alignment but the lifts they had there wouldn’t work for his car (the big Healey’s have abysmally low ground clearance, specially under the exhaust system.)

Gypsy asked me after he left how much I thought the car was worth, and I said more than fifty K. Then I amused myself by doing a little phone research, and I was low. Looks more like somewhere between 70-85,


That’s a beauty, I can see myself in it. :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s also good to own in these inflationary times.
Who’s the handsome guy in the picture?

The tall guy is the owner. The other guy came out of the waiting room to check out the car. It’s clearly an Old Guy magnet wherever it goes.


I recall one afternoon when my Red Neck Boss who grew up in the Toyota Store I worked (side note, for a car guy, he wasn’t really all that into cars as much more than a tool to get you there) He went to a Turkey Shoot and the range had a small showing really classic cars, from the teens and 20’s and he was talking about the value of those cars were dropping because the guys that grew up idolizing those models were dying off, now the hot stuff are the muscle cars us boomers ogled and fantasized about, he went on to say he can’t really imagine the kids of tomorrow getting romantic about Corollas or an Accords, but who knows maybe one day my '05 Corolla with just 50K on the clock might roll down the line at Barret-Jackson for a healthy 6 figure bid.