Why did they tear down the Grant statue?

Grant fought AGAINST the Confederacy



Large crowds, anger yadda yadda yadda…

Boys, just being boys.

a minor faux pas of a youthful bon vivant should not leave scars for life…blah blah blah, who do I make the check out to?

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Cause they’re dumb ass idiots.


I think people are just tired of statues of old white guys… here we’re getting rid of the founding slave owners… and I think that bigot Teddy Roosevelt riding his horse in the park needs to go as well, along with that oregon whitey tighty trail shit and slave owner Jefferson Quote in front of the injustice center… just get rid of the bullshit

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Was it the statue in Golden Gate park? Yeah, it’s dumb.

He did it out of loyalty for his country. He was still just as racist as any southerner.


So why are these dudes pulling down abolitionist statues and statues of people who fought against slavery?

Or the Lady Forward statue?

I think the intelligence has left the building and now the streets are being run by smoothbrain opportunists…


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Come on, wtf did Grant have to do with California in that century??

I’m with @Billdo on this one. I’ll make an exception for Lincoln in his Memorial building, and in his Tomb back in IL. Fuck, I’ll make an exception for tombs wherever they are. The statues just feed a lot of reactionary bullshit, regardless of the politics of the statue. People wanna venerate a statue without being able to quote a single fukin phrase the honoree ever spoke? Dat’s fukked.

“Heritage” my azz.

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It’s bigots holding on to whatever they can! Republicans worshiping their golden calves… I call IDOLATRY! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tell me how tearing down the statue of an abolitionist is defeating bigotry.

I was for the statue tearing down at first-
Now I realize they’re just in an uncontrollable tantrum… until they tear down the statie of Lenin in Fremont… :joy: but they won’t do that.

Black Americans weren’t enslaved by Lenin there Proud Boy… :stuck_out_tongue:

How is it that all of you dummies seem to have a master’s degree in false equivalencies? :stuck_out_tongue:

Abolitionists fought AGAINST SLAVERY. Yet some of their statues were torn down… are you trying to say these people are fucking retarded and are just being whiny little children?

How am I a proud boy? Imagine being so beta that you gotta say stupid shit like that. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I only see of one Abolitionist statue being torn down and it was during what sounds like a riot…

The rest are racists, slave owners and bigots mericans have been immortalizing, mythologizing and fantasizing about that need to go…

Same mindset, proud boy… :stuck_out_tongue:

So why are you calling me a proud boy? You realize I’m for the BLM movement AND tearing down of racist statues?


Is this proud boy lingo?

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Dunno, but it certainly smacks of someone concerned about not looking weak.

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Proud boys are too beta to say black lives matter.


You’re more proud boy than I am.

Has Polk been torn down anywhere? I hate that motherfucker…

He also attempted genocide of a tribe