Can someone create us a Wikipedia page?

For the site? I suck at Wikipedia… it would come in handy though.

It would help me get it on other wiki pages. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a job for Frannel.


What do you want to say starting out?

Anything you want, internet forum started in 2007…

Was 07 when we split off from the outhouse? I thought it was a bit earlier than that, but what do I know.


yeah it was july 07

nice, can you add a link to the site somewhere in there?

Gimme the link you want - mine goes right to the forum

The root has been going right to the forum for a year or so, please use this one.

I contested the deletion saying it is also a news site that display current world and local news - that the forum was only part of it


They deleted it - tried my best Billdo

what the fuck can you do when yer dealing with assholes


It has to be done without using the word FORUM - prolly

WTF… do they just have a team of asswads sitting around analyzing every new Wiki page that goes up?

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looks like

They did not even give me a fucking chance

fuck wiki

Shit man, I always figured it was all automated and the only criteria for Wiki deleting a page was being “flagged” or “reported”. I guess everything’s changed.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to work us in to more band pages.

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Oh man - this sounds like a very dangerous project if modifications can be made by one and all. Yer askin for real trouble here, Billdo.