Can't ban guns

So the fuckers will ban ammunition from law abiding citizens.

What’s so scary about a singular color government…they can strip rights as they please.


I don’t recall reading anything about ammo in the Constitution, sadly.

Unfortunately ammo is required to effectively bear arms.

I’ve heard of people armed with a knife, what ammunition do they require?

Since when did bears carry knives?

when they let the gays into the special forces.

(Boom tish)

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Yes, elections have consequences. :grin:

I was at a Walmart the other day and of curiosity I checked out the ammo section. It was completely deleted. I guess people were worried that they wouldn’t be able to get any.

Just like all those times Obama didn’t come for them.

Do you not believe this bill is real?

Obviously this isn’t a presidential thing. Its a Democrat thing.

Actually, the effective bearing of arms at the time of the Amendment’s crafting required powder and lead and a mold. The ability of everyone to acquire lots of cartridge ammo at low cost has made softies of a lot of people. The constitution doesn’t guarantee things like that.

In my world, the effective bearing of arms has always required reloading dies, a press, bullets and powder and caps and brass. If ammo as we know it should be banned, then some of the ingredients of handloading will eventually become problematic as well. But I have enough of that stuff to last way more than my remaining days, in just about all scenarios.

Text of the bill isn’t out yet. Title refers to licensing, not bans. Perhaps a deep breath is in order.

Prohibit means ban. Also, licensing means disallowing some people.

Slightly irrelevant as it’s a “living, breathing document”,

IE freedom of speech isn’t only the press or speech- but covers internet and other such things as well.

Ah, the bottom part was cut off where my Google took me.

Now, do you see where you changed the discussion?

There were no nukes then either. Where my nukes?

I want zyklon-b showers for payday, my rights is all repressed!

Actually they won’t ban ammunition, and if they did the courts would send them straight to the showers. The Dem way is to TAX the shit out of ammo.

Think of it as another kind of stupidity tax, like the one on tobacco.


But that’s what boro said.

That’s what HR127 says.

Oh yes, tax it so hard it’s unusable. Effectively making it a rich person only sport. Nice.

The dems still love the rich, I guess.