CBT Logo

a couple things, I login on a tablet type thingy sometimes and on that the logo is always abbreviated, but the last couple days the logo wasn’t appearing just that broken window error deal when a pic doesn’t show, now today I am getting that broken link thing here on my pc too, on a pc for me the logo is always spelled out.

Thanks, I’ll check into it sometime this month maybe, if I don’t forget, works here!

If anyone else is having this problem let me know please, thanks!

Yeah it’s not a biggy.

Logo is gone for me, was a broken-image icon off and on and is now a simple link text. When I scroll down, the link text goes away and the broken-image icon appears with the thread title next to it. Definitely not an urgent thingy

I see it fine. Must be that crappy FF browser you guys are running.

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Not working either. I don’t use FF. But meh, whatever.

I use teh chrome.

I see, I see, the logos were hosted on the other server I just deleted, it’s just in my and DM’s cache.

Let me know if that fixed it, you’ll probably have to refresh the main page and maybe a post.

Yes it’s back, but now I have the CBT initials followed buy ‘CBT Logo’ in a different font, weirdarama!

lol that’s the name of the thread.

Oh! Derp!

Now it’s gone again?? You’re freaking me out man.

I almost made the same derp, and some creative “open in New tab” checking showed me it just as I was about to pull the trigger.

Hey - speaking of Logos - how about something like this:

It’s fine now. I did what you suggested, basically signed out, then came back in,

That was the case for me last night and this morning on Chrome, but now on FF I seem to have the old logo as before. Yesterday morning on FF, there was no logo or anything else. It seems to be sorting itself out nicely, or else Billdo straightened it out.

I’d log out and log back in, but I am not 100% sure I remember my password, I have chrome remember most of my passwords for me.

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