Comments on reparations in California?

I am on the fence. A part of me recognizes that African Americans are owed a debt by this country. How much though?

Being a descendant of folks that lost half their country to a greedy and racist policy of Manifest Destiny and the desire to spread slavery into the new territories, do we deserve compensation? Compensation that we aren’t even asking for, btw.

Over 40% of CA is of Latino, mostly of Mexican descent; it would bankrupt the state to compensate us. Is the aggrieved party going to pay for the reparations to itself through taxation? Or would it be a special tax that excludes the taxation of the aggrieved parties? What would that do for race relations?


Very thorny question, I agree the Americans that suffered oppression deserve something but also being a Great Grandson x2 of the South on Dad’s side, hypothetically I’ve wondered if my Family might merit their own reparations over having their workers seized…I know that sounds racist…but it’s what happened as a consequence of the war. Slave’s were expensive “assets”

Not to be insensitive, but I would have to say hard pass on reparations for the descendants of Southerners that owned slaves. Slaves might have been assets at that time, but humans shouldn’t own humans. It was an abomination.


I totally agree with that, I don’t feel any pride from that piece of history. Just that it was they way it was at the time.

Newsome never intended to make good on his call for reparations, he simply wanted the Black/minority vote. He never intended to actually follow through on his promises.
Nobody is attempting to create policies that will benefit the country or it’s people anymore, it’s simply become a game to get into office or to please doners, domestic or foreign.

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Maybe not. I don’t know. Though it seems to be politically stupid, because now the African American voter will remember.

I think he didn’t think they’d come up with a $1 million + figure…

I’m on the fence as well… their communities need it and they are owed it.


California was not a slave owning state and my family was part of an anti-slavery movement and has never supported the segregation or oppression of that community. So, I don’t think I should have to pay for it tbh.

I think the most tragic part in all of this is the reparation is contingent on their being able to prove the link in their lineage to slavery. It seems simple enough, but slaves and birth records were not well documented during that time. I’ve only known one woman who was able to document her lineage to slavery. She came from a well educated family that used their mixed heritage to blend in for generations. She told us the story of her great xxx grandfather’s conception, which was a slave raped by her master. Her family preserved his handwritten birth certificate and she shared a copy during a weekend get together promoting her business venture. We were all fascinated that so much of that story had been preserved.

As for Apeman, I did some research and found this:


I think England did something similar when it outlawed slavery. They ought to be embarrassed to even think about getting compensated for owning human beings.

That’s just gross.

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There was slave insurance that paid 3/4 of the value if they died prematurely. JP Morgan Chase has been linked to purchasing the companies who wrote those policies.

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Yes, slavery was a big damn business. The Northern states profited from financing slave ships through the banks.


I’m positive there are insurance claims for “cargo” lost at sea… and by that I mean slaves thrown overboard who drowned.