Computer speakers

I replaced the stereo with the computer a long, long time ago and had a great pair of Altec Lansing speakrs with a subwoofer. The $20 specials I have now suck and I’ve been suffering through them for about a year now since my old setup stopped working and want to replace them… I had these speakers for about 16 years and they kicked ass… loved them… so an old Altec setup like I had goes for around $70 for a set on ebay. 40 watts

Or should I just get some new Altec speakers for $60.00 that have good reviews too… 28 watts… and stop romanticizing about my old speakers…

decisions decisions

Just fetch ya a set of Klipschorns.

I’ve got a big stereo setup in the basement, nothing too fancy but like a JVC amplifier and some bigger Technics speakers, and some surround sound speakers, maybe I could hook it up to my computer…

I’ve got a set of Altecs my son got me for Christmas. They sound awesome.

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What model did you get? The old ones I had were really loud for some computer speakers.

I might splurge and get a set of these… $169 from Best Buy on Ebay, should be able to find cheaper… 200 watts!

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Just got a set of these Klipsch Promedia speakers… hope they live up to their name, should be way more than I’ll ever need.

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If you just got them shouldn’t you be able to tell us if they are meeting your needs?

Just bought them online.

Ahhhh. I thought you had em already.

Got them and hooked them up, they’re really nice and I doubt if I ever turn them all the way up. Wish they had an on-off switch though for when I want to turn them off.

Is there a not a mouse button you can set to mute - I has it - a 19 buck wirless mouse - I set left and right scroll for volume up er down and the other spare button fer mute

Muting isn’t a problem but if I’m not going to be using them all day etc. being able to flip the power off would be nice. I guess I can get another power strip and put it in a semi convenient location.

How the hell could they not have a switch ?

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Yeah the no power switch thing kind of sucks but they’re pretty awesome speakers… supposedly up to THX standards…

I use the logitech optical mouse, but I always get the corded ones. I don’t have their software installed but I might see if I can download it from their site. I just plug them in and use them.

I can’t quite make it out, but there’s 2 dials and some writing on the one satellite speaker, what do they do?

One’s for the subwoofer, the other is the master volume, neither one clicks off.

Oh and I hate the cord that comes out of the right satellite and goes to the subwoofer, the Altec Lansing set I had, had the same shitty type of jack and it will be the first point of failure.

You sure one them isn’'t a power switch maybe a push button deal, here’s from the item features

Compatible with most audio devices with a 3.5mm output
Including most Mac and PC computers, smartphones, tablets and MP3 players for wide-ranging use.

100W total system power
65W subwoofer and 18W per satellite. Provides quality sound for games, music and videos.

2 satellite speakers
For immersive sound.

6.5" subwoofer
Provides rich, full-bodied bass.

35Hz - 22kHz frequency response
Ensures accurate sound reproduction.

Built-in power and volume controls
Make operation easy.

Headphone jack
Enables you to connect a pair of headphones for private listening.

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No push/pull on and off, just tried it but I will check out the manual.