Consensus thread re POS Trolls

Not just for you Wabbit, but it seems like a good jumping off point that I think worthy of discussion.

It’s been a long standing argument. Heinous points of view and the person that made them were often accepted at BY and now at CBT as long as the person was “civil”.

I think the only person that’s made it clear that heinous points of view should be shunned has been Billdo.

We often welcomed, and more often tolerated, the Deport Liberals and Jeff Hansen’s of the internet troll world at these common boards. Often treated them as friends and oohed and awed over small personal things they’d share, professional, academic or even new family members.

I personally have never understood this at these boards. When someone “trolls” the same misogynistic, racist, and other disgusting points of view for year on end…is it possible it’s not a troll? It is who they are. Trump has kids and grandkids, does that make him less disgusting?

I want to understand why reasonable people accept, welcome or tolerate these kinds of individuals among us.

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I’ve thought about this Oak, I don’t have a good answer for you, maybe it sounds lame, but I think a lot of the racism “here” goes back to the yahoo days when race oriented stories were some of the stories that would “blow up” with us knuckleheads piling on…I remember PTM asking one night here I think close to her retirement, asking ‘what draws us all together, is it only nigger hatred?’ because black jokes etc were still pretty common here then. I think through attrition and having spent years together us survivors have mostly moved on from that type of “humor”

I think most people have moved on. I think it’s something to consider.

We have had many POS trolls than Boro, not that I’m excusing him. Much, much, worse…I think Deport Liberals misogyny and racism, along with JJ LaGuardia’s misogyny was worse. I really do.

Were they far more clever than Boro? Certainly, but they had a very dark side.

Honestly, I saw one of our own here make a joke about the American woman troll. He called it humor. I call it POS trolling, as much as I like him otherwise.

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Possibly that could have been me. FFS, I have a misogyny humor thread here IIRC…or maybe that was at SYF.

I’ve never thought a forum where people had to all think in lockstep would be very interesting. And I do think civil behavior is good, although not if it’s a troll in its own right. We seem to place some value here on trying to maintain a sense of community even though we never expect to agree in all things.

I don’t believe we’re in lockstep over most things here.

I’m very real about how I think and see the world. There are POS people and there are those of us who will post these lofty quotes and memes about how standing by while shitty things happen makes us complicit.

Either we’re going to be who we are and enjoy the POS trolls - which is a decision we’re all free to make and stop posting these lofty ideals - or we continue to be hypocrites.

One faces or two folks? That’s what I’m talking about.

I don’t have a monolithic personality. Don’t aspire to. There are currents in my personality that go back several decades and are quite solid, even though my sense of humor and my devotion to Rule 64 sometimes prevent others from seeing the solidity of them.

pee esses…I really ought to carve this thread up several ways, but don’t know if anyone cares enough about that to make the thought appetizing.

yada yada yada

Sounds like you might like someone like Duterte or Somoza if they tickled your fancy


I take strong exception to both suggestions, and I wonder what grievance I’ve done to you OR the community that warrants a double ad hominem characterization of such magnitude. What you call hypocrisy in my case is merely self-honesty (and to a degree, transparency and a dark sense of humor.)

To spend my keystrokes value signaling and pretending to be someone I’m not…now THAT would be hypocrisy.

If you can’t stand Donald Trump for being who he is, how is a less visible version of his hatred, racism and misogyny acceptable?

What makes it different? I don’t understand the difference. I really truly don’t.

Also Oak, I have an eleven year record that’s been mostly visible to you in regard to race and gender, and if you are gonna get tunnel vision today despite all you know about me, then I can’t help you.

Either racism and misogyny are wrong or they aren’t. It really is that simple.

Oak, I bet even you wouldn’t withstand a review of your posting history. This is a concern troll, pretty much.

I don’t think I’m a racist, though you may think otherwise. I also don’t hate the opposite sex.

The point here is that several here are, maybe deservedly, shitting on Boro and yet you’ve lauded others much worse than him, in my opinion.

It seems to me that you’ve stated your point more than once or twice, but it keeps shape shifting. I’ll come back tomorrow and see if it has coalesced into something that warrants Duterte or Somoza comparisons.

FTR, I don’t recall having shat on Boro in this thread because I’m overall getting tired of feeding his troll.

I never said you were like either of those POS, but we are talking about POS and how we relate to them. At least I am. It’s a topic with nuance.

I’m not going to be tunneled into one thing when there is clearly a meta message that you can read in my first post about this topic.

Once your name was put in, things did get narrower. Let’s not talk about Wabbit’s douchiness, just everyone else’s because at least I’m not THAT kind of douchebag.

I’m not calling you or anyone a douchebag. I am curious about who is or isn’t a POS based on what posters here say.

It’s rather fascinating. I see a lot of butthurt about this, seems like a nerve was struck.

Yeah, I saw what you did right off.

I wish you would say what you have to say instead of beating around the bush.

Do I think I’m perfect? Clearly not as I have made probably a 120 degree turn in how I used to post pre-banning. More than anyone at this board. And I did it for me. Now say what you want to say clearly or stop playing games, please.

Ok you made a turn, from a posting angle that was also your doing. We all have.

Boro’s caravan troll is a POS troll because he has continued to paint desperate refugees as having some motive that comes directly from Trump’s mouth and no other rational source. I found it abhorrent, unempathetic, and preternaturally cruel to purpose. That he stood behind it and even continued shows the sort of intentionality that goes into a POS troll.

But hey, he was only joking, so it’s cool.

I admit to posting racist and misogynist jokes but I will count by my non-humor stances to testify to my true beliefs. If and when called upon for my humor I will not double down on it or defend its content, as Boro has been doing. That’s the arbitrary line I have drawn.

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