Crazy lady road raging - alas, she is part of the system now

How do people do these things?

I don’t get it.

drugs I guess

It’s a fucking car - just get another one

sounded like it was nothing anywho - still runnin good enuf to try to kill him

She’s a psychopath. She lacks an ability to emphasize with others.

Let’s see: beside the obvious traffic offenses, there are multiple counts of malicious property damages, assault with a deadly weapon, leaving an accident scene, hit and run, assault AND battery, and attempted murder, two different counts.

She’s twenty: she might see daylight again in her lifetime, if she’s lucky.

I was astounded that people get upset over a busted up car

yeah, it’s a bad day, but if ya can walk away - who cares

She’s gone viral!

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Look at the bright side

whoever she lived with or around is gona be glad she aint comin home

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