Cross-Forum trolling used to be unpopular, but

…but the zombie flamers have changed that. It’s having a vogue now, so we have a subsection just for that.

Sorry for causing you so much pain. Get well soon.


The GOP wants you to pull yourself up, and to try saving.

Have you seen YG’s latest video?


So it would seem.


This may help too.

Dude, I’m speaking from short acquaintance here. I read this paragraph and find myself nodding my head, but then I find myself asking, “What assertion WAS that?” Because you see, I’m one of those old farts with the short attention spans that you spoke of in this, or some other, thread.

Due to our short acquaintance I hope you’ll understand my observation that we have a tiny community here that’s been forged and annealed in places that either went tits up long ago, or that we don’t give two fucks about any longer. Thus we have a sort of collective style and rhythm here that seems to suit our needs.

I’m aware that you have a reputation of sorts for being the kind of poster who might be a poor fit here, but OTOH I consider the source of some of these tales and I wonder a bit.

You’ve probably noted that we aren’t “power flamers” here, nor the sort of asshole trolls one still sees online, even though we ourselves have some tendencies that are not very wholesome that we mostly hold in check. Also, this is Billdo’s forum and Billdo’s an irascible sort, easily triggered, so there are a few topics of contemporary social interest that we tread carefully with.

But as far as I’m concerned you’re welcome to hang here while you figure out to do with the smoldering ashes of your forum. For the most part, your enemies are not my friends either…and your friends, if you have any, are probably not my friends since I have relatively few of those. I doubt you’ll prevail on any of us to emulate your style or your views of what the internet is actually FOR, even though some of us will doubtless agree with your views on many social and political issues.

Most of us are just here to have a good time and be more or less civil with each other.

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I’m definitely NOT confused about that. I used the terms they themselves like to affect to describe the particular ways they waste their lives online. Your nomenclatures are actually more nearly correct, even though you and I specifically might not be able to find common ground as to what “flamers” actually are.

No, I do remember your presence there but didn’t really note much beyond that. I was at an earlier stage of human development in that era, and still had “enemies.” You weren’t among them AFAIK.

I reposted something interesting this morning, here. Hope you’ll comment on it. Raises several valid points IMO.

He does that a lot. Seems like he needs a lot of online validation to make up for some missing element in his RL. But it also gives me pause as to your theory that he’s the hacker in this month’s saga at FT, because I don’t think he’d be able to resist going all Evil Blood on everybody’s ass and making damn sure he got the credit. In the past I’ve had 2 unrelated web sites, one hosted by GoDaddy and I forget the other host, both operating out of data centers in Jersey even though that’s a thousand miles from my chair here. I hope c_w finds something to do with herself, I kind of like her (for no discernible reason.)

I dunno if you missed j00’s demise at TV, but he got the ass at TV for some reason and stated at CO his intent to destroy TV from the inside. At that time Dukie had the server and the keys, so he took the threat seriously and busted j00 down from the admin committee and kicked him out of the Heavens. j00 retaliated by spamming the shit out of the gen forum for a couple of days, and Dukie finally hit him with a server level ban that effectively locked him out despite all his tech chops.

I got the impression from watching Dukie operate that a tech admin could be blind drunk 16 hours a day and watching poarn the other 8 hours and still protect a forum against bad actors like flaglerchat and others whose names I forget. But I can’t imagine anyone targeting this forum…it just doesn’t have that big of a radar blip. I don’t think Billdo has the motivation for that, and I know I don’t. But in any case, I’ve got enough backup on a thumb drive that I could reassemble the members after TSHTF and populate a new forum, even without the archives. CBT has lost its server a couple of times previously, and survived.

Youse guise gettin’ paid by the word, or wut?

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Is it possible to maybe have just a brief overview, or pecis’ perhaps, ain’t no one got time to read all that.


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He’s a wordy boring bastard isn’t he?

He’s notorious for long posts (some say scrollbombs.) I sometimes don’t read them if the topic isn’t interesting, but in this case we seem to have a conversation going on that may not be of interest to you. I suppose we could take it to PM, but having spent literal years of my life watching you and Greek, or you and Lotus, or you and whomever have long conversations of this sort in public I’m willing to take the heat. If it’s not interesting, just use your mouse.

Besides, I’m often accused of being wordy and/or pedantic myself.

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Am I complaining to you?

I’m afraid I won’t have time to reply to the rest of your post until tomorrow.


theta clear.

Well, first a disclaimer: I’ve nearly always found j00 to be an overweening jackass and I’ve never had much luck getting along with him. I did take a panel briefly at flea’s forum and also at Murdy’s forum, as a favor to each of them, but due to my long habit of pointing out when he’s full of shit’…both of those experiments were doomed from the start. I needn’t rehash my experiences with him at TV, but I will clarify for you that his entire “disgusting monster” schtick at CO was entirely recycled from TV without even the courtesy of adding any new material, Also for the record, I was doxxed looooong ago by Farmer et al as to my location and one of my jobs, the information about my disfigurement was originally outted by me, myself. I chose it as a pre-emptive move due to one poster I’d met in RL who tried to blackmail me to quit pissing on one of his trolls.

But getting back to j00… I understand that you’ve amassed what appears to be a substantial chunk of circumstantial support for your theory. I have no horse in that race, and I can’t really offer much in the way of Apologia except to list a few things that don’t quite click for me.

One, It’s widely known that j00 will usually open ten or fifteen tabs when he sits down at the computer, and they’ll stay open until he quits. So if he has a bookmark on FT and you “see” him lurking, it may not mean that he himself is actually “there.” What would NOT surprise me would be if he WOULD look in on FT from time to time, just a matter of curiosity. I know that others did so too, and I even looked a few times.

Two, the Murdy thing looks like skunk bait to me. In reality Murdy has no use for another forum…she already has two, both pretty dead. Further, she’s barely fluent in SMF architecture and I’d be surprised if she’s ever seen the panel in any forums from the vBull/php family, which FT is in.

Third, from what I know of j00’s tech competence I would expect if he did decide to go further into the Dark Side than he already is and start trying to crack forums…A, I’d expect him to choose a juicier target, and B, I’d expect him to get it right the first time and either take it over and poast his pic on the front page along with a Fuck You message, or just leave it in ruins without any footprints like “murdy was here, muthafukkas.”

Wow, I agree with your description of those forums and their denizens, as well as staffs. I suspect that if FT is to be no more, you might find yourself in the position of needing to open a new forum and run it yourself…especially if the forum experience is that important to you. As I mentioned, if something permanent should happen to this forum I have no doubt that someone would probably start over, just to keep the domain name out there and to have a sort of lifeboat for the community such as it is.

Back at ya, Peaches.




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