December 7th, 1941 The Germans attack Pearl Harbor. And you are there

I’d never heard of this, interesting 15 minutes, or 10ish if you skip up to the money shots skipping the intro…but don’t do that.

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What would republicans do? Shoot up as many enemy Americans as they could to help the invading forces?

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“…the Germans?”

Sir, I majored in History at Faber College for 7 years. I’m very cognitive.

My father died when I was a teen but he mentioned something about the beginning of his ww2 experience. He was stationed in Hawaii and he was connected to an Army dirigible unit. I believe that he commanded one of the dirigibles.

Anywho, on the morning of the attack he said that it was his day off and that he was in the mountains with my mother on a picnic; really, at daybreak? I was young and I didn’t question that. Funny thing, my older sister was born the following year. Hum.

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