Do You Feel Comfortable

…with Biden carrying the Nuclear Football?

I feel more comfortable with him than an unhungeg egomaniac.

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Handsome young Military Liasons do that.

Absolut ly.


Trump has a large family, a positive legacy, buildings with his name on them and he has started zero new wars in the last four years.

Did you just say… positive legacy?

Your information is dated.

The Capital Of The United States Of America 1/6/2021

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Those people were not part of Trumps rally…FACT

Check out the time line.

They were part of Trump’s rally. They were Trumpers… for sure.

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Before you finish your reply…

Why is everyone getting charged so far… Trump supporters?

No those were undercover Anteefa Green Berets!

Did you see any videos of the Trump speech? You know, where he called for peaceful and patriotic behavior? No, I am not surprised. :grin:

Were all the peeps who caused a Billion plus in damages Biden supporters?

Funny, they weren’t charged in all the ‘peaceful protesting.’ Where are all the scrubbed videos, by the way? :upside_down_face:

"We’re gonna walk over there…we… "

Then things got out of hand. There is a definitive line where it gets rowdy, of course- but the goal the entire time was to sway election and change our constitutional process… and to ignore The People. As soon as Pence said he cannot change the election "Hang Pence"became a battle cry.

Trumpers are anti constitutionalist little whiney. bitches, proven to the world as of lately.

Kill your television, stay off social media, and take your meds.

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Interesting “noyouism”, stay on topic now, boy. We’re talking about Trumpers trying to fleet the Constitutional process, not rioting for positive change (on a side note, labor laws, women’s rights and civil rights all brought to you by violence.)

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Lunch. :grin:

The US Army has deployed Troops to man the US Capital, Thanks Obama!

Unusual images of members of the National Guard sleeping in the Capitol where they will be protecting the process of a second impeachment against Trump. Unbelievable. Images from the Capitol this morning where there is a heavy National Guard presence as the House debates ahead of President Trump’s second impeachment vote.

There’s *rump’s positive legacy, right there!