Do you guys use the desktop notifications?

Where the replies to your posts show up as a little notification box in the corner of the screen even if you’re on another web page?

I like them, I think you can configure them in your profile preferences. I need to figure out how to push them to mobile phones. Or rather the software developers need to figure it out and implement it so I can flip the switch for it. :wink:

I think I Used to, but I turned them off, I usually have a plentitude of tabs open, and I can just see the number pop up on the tab here if there has been any activity.

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I don’t get the pop up on the tab on mine.

You turn them on for the topics you want at the bottom of the topic - just did it to see how it works

I get them for replies to my posts and topics.

I guess for phones you’d probably need to create some sort of App for the site.

Yeah, they’re pretty cool

The software used in this forum is this best one I’ve tried so far

I wish people got rid of SMF, that one absolutely sucks

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I got so sick of Stupid Motherfucking Forums… when I found this shit I was like fuck yeah… pretty much everyone hated it of course… lmao

It’s nice. If I could figure out how to make the box open ONLY on the tab for CBT, it might be better. Right now it opens wherever I am, if I have a CBT tab open.

You can turn them off in your preferences, that’s the idea it will open up a little notification box even if you’re on another site/tab.