Duh errr....Climate change is a hoaks!

Thanks Apeman! How could I forget?

BTW, saw an episode of Nova: Polar Extremes (NOVA | Polar Extremes | Season 47 | Episode 1 | KQED) which included a segment on climate change. In the last 500 million years ago, it is more common to have a warm climate than a cool climate. Humans have only existed, in any form, during a cooling period. We haven’t been around for a warming period.

So, tell me, my mockers, if we’ve only been around for this “warming” period…what caused all the others?



Uhm, dinosaur farts? Maybe, they should have stopped the Future Ranchers of Dinosaurs in North America coopertive.

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That’ll probably depend on how long they can tread water.


You know Willie Bobbie has been gone for years, yeah?

I know that, and a bit more. I have a panel, after all.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist the image of polar bears trying to live where there is no land and no ice, but only cold water. They don’t have gills, last time I checked.

Nope they don’t.

You are aware that polar bears were previously known as grizzly bears, right smartass?

Evolution makes all creatures adapt or die.

I’m not quite sure what I’ve done here to incur your displeasure, and absent a specific complaint I’m electing not to give a fuck about it.

Your sarcasm isn’t appreciated.

Who said polar bears had gills? Yeah, no one.

The meta message though, it doesn’t matter if polar bears don’t survive, their white fur is an adaptation to a colder climate.


That was a joke between Friday and I.

Is that a problem?

False alarm.

I think your error here, if I may use such a word, derives from the fact that you seem to think my initial post above had something to do with you or your beliefs.

It did not. I was commenting, four and a half years after the fact, on what I still take to be a misunderstanding about weather and climate by Chinaskee or whoever he was.

This isn’t the first time I’ve pointed out to you that I’m not here to suffer fools lightly. And while it probably won’t be the last either, I promise to make it as unpleasant for you as you can make it for me.

You responded to me with the sarcasm.

So, knock yourself out I fear you not.

P.S. (eta) You seem to be giving a fuck.

Is sarcasm not sarcasm? Especially when you seem to not like it from others?

Not in my opinion. I say the intent between myself and Friday was to be playful.

That was not the intent between my post and his response.

And if you don’t agree it’s fine with me. I read a negative tone into his response.


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Uhh alright you lot, the interaction between Oak and I was just me being a smartass, her recognizing it and responding in kind. It was just all fun and games. I thinks she knows my posting style well enough to know when I being serious, or not.

So with that said argue if you will, but leave my interaction with Oak out of it. Besides If I have a problem with her she knows full well that I’d express it.

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No biggie, it’s a dead issue as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks, but the boundary maintenance issues being introduced here are not yours at all.

What boundary did I cross?

I was kidding you about WR not being here and then you seemed to get pissy.

I intended no harm. I just seemed to get a sharp response out of nowhere.
At this point, whatever man.