Duh errr....Climate change is a hoaks!

Oh, please provide a link discussing where scientists have studied Polar Bear fossil remains and concluded that they never ate dolphins before.

K thanks.

It’s not my fault that it’s so fucking obvious a 6 year old coulda figured it out. Yet somehow you couldn’t. Huh…

This wasn’t proved, you maroon. The name was changed because dumbfucks said shit like, “Oh, it’s snowing! How can there be global warming?” It was changed to accommodate the simple minded.

Please provide the link that says they haven’t.

She just couldn’t go 12 hours without trying to appear superior to everyone.

Excellent rebuttal, as is your wont.

It’s not a rebuttal. It’s an observation.


It’s your claim to verify.

Nope. Because even if I did you’d come up with a lame-ass fallacy of relevance troll or semantics troll or whatever. I’m not wasting my time on your idiocy.


Captain Save a Ho to the rescue…


Wow, really?

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Uncalled for.

I don’t care what you say.

You make many uncalled for comments, MANY.

You’re the one who claimed “scientists can tell what an animal’s diet was by checking out fossil remains” in defense of Polar Bears never eating dolphins before. So, as I said, it’s yours to prove.

So I engage in buffoonery with the board Buffoon, and that means I’m rescuing whores? interesting, I guess I’ve been rescuing whores for several years now, and didn’t even know it.

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If you don’t believe me, that’s your problem.

Just because these scientists haven’t observed it before doesn’t mean that it’s never happened before.

Dolphins and polar bears have been around a lot longer than “climate” scientists.

Yes, actually you have come to the rescue for women a lot.