Ellen & Dubya sitting in a Big D, no they were not kissing


You don’t have to agree on everything to be “friendly”

Bush is all fukin scum - on my obit list - every one of em

5 million dead and yer actin like he is a good guy

get the fuck back in yer tent - and get a fukin memory

faith in america - yu musta lost yer mind

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I will add this bitch to my list fer even being in the same pic with that fucking scum

Chill out BD6. It’s not the end of the world.

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By BD6 logic, BD6 should be on my obit list because I don’t agree with him.

I think he can have whatever obit list he wants. I just think you have to really consider who goes on it and how serious their infraction is…but that’s me.

You fucking retard village idiot fuck - what does agreeing or not agreeing have to do with being in the same pic as fucking scum?


When I did puters if scum walked into the room I walked out - Manager or not -

I would not even be in the same room

You must have some great stories! @Bigdukesix

She has a point.

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Grudge books are sacred. You shouldn’t use them without serious thought. Once you write that shit down you won’t forget and it’s going to call to you constantly. Hit lists are self fulfilling prophesies.

Dook, you fucking savage, never change.

I’d ask if you were any better a person, but couldn’t answer yes. Wasted time.