Ex-officer Brett Hankison indicted in connection with Breonna Taylor's death

These cops need to go to prison for murder.

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Live in Louisville

I just listened to the Special Prosecutor in KY.

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, after the cops knocked and announced themselves according to a witness, shot at them first. Maybe he didn’t hear them, I don’t know. But, it will be almost impossible, anywhere, to get cops when they’re shot at first.

Louisville is gonna be a hot town tonight.

I hope not.

Good god, that’s not going to result in anything positive.

Blame the people who let the pig cops off…

If you shoot at cops, they’re going to kill you.

They broke into their house no knock warrant bullshit, looking for someone who wasn’t even there.

Break into people’s homes you’re probably gonna get shot… what don’t cops understand?

No, according to an independent witness, they knocked and announced themseves and her boyfriend shot at them.


Regardless, they killed an innocent woman in her home…

There’s no excuse that makes it ok

She was innocent but her current boyfriend put her in danger by shooting at the cops.

I wish there was a charge called “criminal incompetence”, but there isn’t.

You shouldn’t pull your trigger unless you know what you’re shooting at. Why did they shoot at her?

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Because her boyfriend shot at them and they were both standing in the hallway together…

Then they missed.

so…string him up?

Is that illegal?