Facebook questions

I don’t do much facebook. So I don’t really get it. Does anyone know:

If you see a cool video or meme on facebook, and you click on share, does it go to your wall? Can others tell where you swiped it from?

Thanks in advance, facebookers.

Yes and yes.

If you don’t want them to see where it came from you should download it and poast it yourself rather than sharing…


Typically yes, i fyou share a vid or meme or gif “your” share shows the origin

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AYou decide how to share it - on your wall, in a message to friends. You can just save a video.

(I didn’t see the answers already)

When you click “share” you’ll get a menu box. The first choice is “share now–friends” which posts it onto your wall. The second choice is “share…” which if you click it offers you other options that are helpful if you have multiple accounts or belong to groups, etc. But as Roose says, you can just open the link and copy the URL and post it without referencing where you saw it (or download the pic and do the same.)

Only pussies use Facebook.

It’s the most trollable place these days though. Maybe twitter but that seems to take a lot more work to get started.

They permabanned my sole and only troll account long ago.

Atlas Collins is Dead, Long live Atlas Collins!

My pussy actually has a Facebook account.


That might get a new Reggiestration.

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May be … I wonder if Starling’s Pussy would friend a new troll account?

My pussy has standards you know.

Ah, so your “pussy” comment was sour grapes.

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Not really. While I had had that account for a very long time, I only used it for access to comment streams. It’s not like I hung out there or ‘friended’ other users and such. Seems to me that most Facebook users are old aunties sharing pics of their cats and pansy libs talking about the latest America-hate meme.

Does it take a lot of effort to be as fucking cool as you?


Now it is totally TRUMPified though. Every day I am lmao at the new memes coming out.

I wondered, since most of your posts exhibit a large degree of existential ennui.

Finally a cogent analysis from you. Thanks for noticing.