Farm 8 acres without a tractor

Guy claims he made $150k a year on 1.5 acres, in cold Quebec… damn Canadians…

How many hours a week does he put in for that 150k, I wonder.

I’m sure it would take up most of your life…

about 600

That’s what I figure. I’d rather do subsistance than devote every waking minute to my income.

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I’d be like 2 hours a day and $20k a year… :slight_smile:

I’d be okay with 4 hours a day. That’s about my limit any more, though. Fuck them all. I don’t care any more.

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Here’s how these guys are mostly doing it… they’re throwing a big tarp down over the area they want to plant in months in advance, if it’s the first time they’ve worked it they probably till it up first… then the soak it down and tarp it so all the weed seeds germinate and the old weeds die…

This guy claims he can do $80k a year off a quarter acre.

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This guy just died. He had an amazing set up in Pasadena.

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Trying to buy some more commercial type lettuce seeds but none of these places take paypal… wtf?

Anyways, look at this Romaine lettuce… Coastal Star… yuuuuge… holy shit…

These Salanova lettuce seeds look interesting too… a bit expensive…