Fastest board ever

Shit… almost perfect.


Where did you get the software?

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The highest score I can get on most WordPress sites is usually around an A-B… usually a 96% on the page speed score and around 86% on the Y Slow… and that’s after setting up a bunch of caching and shit. There’s a bit more to them though…

I have to say I really like this one, it’s the best I’ve tried so far

I like how it embeds almost everything with no problem

Being able to tag specific people to see your post is also great

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The main guy developing it also made he knows his shit.

updating it can be a bit of a task at times, I need to update this one, it’ll probably be even better after I do… but it runs on a bunch of technology I’m not real familiar with inside a Docker container… the reason it’s so spam proof is because it’s not a Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP setup which all the spam bots are looking to exploit.

The source pages suggest a lot of Java

it’s a java application I believe

There’s another forum I go to, with some similar functions like this one

It’s a weeeeeeedddd one, so I like to use TOR to browse it

It didn’t work fine because it used Java, so most notification and automated functions didn’t work with Java off

I thought it was loading slowly this morning, so I left and read my mail.

If you’re waiting for one of us to set up your own Sub Board, I think you’re going to have to do that yourself, or request an Admin do it for you.

I don’t do sub-boards. I thought I was clear on that.

It seems like you were for Sub Boards, before you were against them. I think you’re one of those closet Sub Boarders.

It’s all in the past now. I’ve moved on.

Oh, and you’re also a private person.

On both of these counts it would be better for all concerned if you were a man of your word.

I am most definitely that, Snow Pee. That is why I never troll. I mean - what do you know the intimate details of? I like to hike and fish? Ooooo - I have laid my life bare. Shame on me.

PS: - Wait, were you telling me to STFU and GTFO?

You seem defensive. We all know how you don’t troll, so it is assumed you are speaking truthfully about such things. As such, the inconsistencies are all I am pointing out. What you do with that is up to you. If the actions you describe are suitable, there you go.

There is never any inconsistency in my non-troll, Lapin. By private I very clearly was referring to, in context, the intimate details of personal relationships. You know that - now quit your foolin about.

If that were the case you would have said “about these things”, but you said it in general. Is suppose this means you do not consider yourself a private person in general, given your posting habits about the mundane details of your life choices.