Faux Nooze you gots some 'splainins to do


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I don’t know how the sheeple that watch Fox are going to process the fact that their news source is nothing more than angertainment to stoke their anger for profit.

Oh, they’ll never find out, especially if they only watch Fox, since they’ll never tell them.


You may be right, unfortunately.

Well at least Kevin gave all the J6 Footage over to Tucker, so we have that going for us now, which is nice. USA!

Fake news.

I doubt Fox sheeple will even be exposed to the fact that their news source is angertainment because their news source probably isn’t going to report on this.

I’m sure it won’t. There is no one as blind as he who does not want to see…or something like that.

I can certainly still point and laugh.

Just curious, why do all the Lib channels use the exact same talking points? Just curious.

Are you being ironic?

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I guess it depends on one’s perspective. :grin:

I still can’t forgive Fox for having prematurely cancelled Firefly back in the early Aughties.

Who’s Hannity?

Is he that guy that looks like a Lego character (with the IQ to match)?

I can’t be mad at those clowns from the Dingling Brothers and Sputum & Flailing Combined Circus; they provide the yuks they promise. If only they would cover MJT struggling to read and understand numbers. That never gets old.

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