Fire clouds and pyrocumulonimbus in OR

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It didn’t open for me, looked interesting though.

Yeah, MSN as of this morning won’t show me the story cuz I don’t have the latest micro$oft browser.

Never mind, similar story here:


All those poor creatures out in the woods…



Just cuz the top five fires in recorded history have been in very recent history, don’t mean nuttin’

Fire incidents, the yellow dots are satellite detections.

If people would just keep the forests raked! Is that really so hard?

More hot weather spur incoming

Where you at young man, you at home in Warshington State? If you don’t want to talk to me, that’s fine I’ll just wait here in the rain for the next bus back to broken Heartsville!

PS, if you get issued a shiny new yellow shirt for being around guys actually fighting fires this year, plz post pics.

No yellow shirt or green pants this year. I head out East on Saturday.
WA State guard is tapped this year, it’ll be brutal. Almost every unit is over seas either training in places like Taiwan,Poland, etc or doing real shit in Syria, Iraq, etc

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