Forum upgrade complete

I hope, looks like there are some new features, don’t know what they are yet…

I just got a bunch of new badges though.

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Me too…6 of them.


Same here. And there is a kewl new scrolly thing off to the right.

I was hoping the update would bring back tehbigDog. No such luck.

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I can’t post from my desktop :confused:

Cancel that.

  1. Try clearing your cache
  2. Try a different browser
  3. Try flushing your DNS

Done. It was my end.

Sorry about that.

So why is a turd the new symbol?

I just needed something there for a fav icon so it wouldn’t throw 404 errors for it.


I like the turd. It’s easy to find when I am working in other windows.


Finally you came back around.

There’s more than one turd in cyberspace. Just sayin’.

Spinning on my pc, can’t get to the site. Posting on my phone. ;’(

Cleared cache and dns, still not working

Have you tried a different browser?

Or can you try loading it in an incognito/private window?

I just had to re login. What a hassle man

FF, chrome are stuck

IE is working

Welcome to hell


Unite three turds and establish a unity.

Hey, Lion, did you know we now have empathy badges? You have to give 1000 likes to get one. I have one. Do you? Just wondering.