Four guys walk into a bar

A disgraced comedian
a former child movie star
a schizophrenic mathematician
and a Swiss analytical psychologist

The bartender asks, “OK, what would Cosby, Mills, Nash, and Jong like?”


90 percent of the USA cannot make change for a buck and you expect them to know John Forbes Nash

Now let me get back to solving the Riemann hypothesis - I think I am close

By the way when John stopped being crazy he forgot he ever worked on it

He made some neat cars tho

I once read that it was Nash’s Metropolitan that really started the “Sexual Revolution” with it’s fold down seats. Making them a veritable bed on wheels.

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Yes they would know him as he was the subject of the very popular movie A Beautiful Mind.

Moved to the humor board so I can find it more often

I have the book - I is reading it now - he really was a prick

doubtful most would know


The movie was a really big movie Dukie. I knew who he was.

Well, you ain’t one of those what can’t make change fer a buck

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YOU got it, didn’t you? How tough can it be?


I cud kik yer ass 7 ways to fucking Sunday at simple math

I’m giving up alcohol for a month!!!
Correction: I’m giving up! Alcohol for a month!!




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The other night I made myself a cocktail with whiskey, vermouth, bitters, and Adderall.

I call it an Upper Manhattan.